“I observed Gregg and Mitchell Rechler work with the Hampton Bays residents during their planning of the Canoe Place Inn redevelopment. What impressed me is that they listened to our community’s priorities and values, designed the plan with that in mind, and then were willing to adapt through the process in order to remain true to our needs.”

Lars Clemensen - Superintendent of Schools, Hampton Bays Public Schools

Not only is there a need for a rental community for the Greybarn lifestyle, the demand is significant and the benefits are across the board. Thirty-somethings and downsizers want to stay, work and retire on Long Island, but they don't have the opportunity to do so. It's proven that rental community's like Greybarn also improve the tax base and significantly bring up the market value for existing homeowners.

Mark Laffey - Principal, Laffey Real Estate

“One of the most significant issues facing Long Island’s businesses is finding qualified and skilled employees to fill their high-paying jobs. These mostly younger men and women want up-scale, amenity-rich places to live, and they leave Long Island to find them. Greybarn Sayville will provide the kinds of life styles they’re seeking and will keep them and their incomes here.”

Lynda A. Moran - Executive Director Islip Art's Council

“Having been a resident of Sayville for 45 years, I wish only the best for this wonderful community.  Right now, Sayville is a destination area for shopping and visiting for people from other communities all over Long Island. Sayville is fortunate to have a charming downtown. Many Long Island hamlets are not nearly as fortunate. But to remain vibrant every downtown needs residents with disposable incomes to shop in its stores and eat in its restaurants. Greybarn Sayville will bring them here. It will bring changes for the betterment of Sayville.”

Nick Wartella - Long-time Sayville Resident

“Our business and workforce has grown by 25 percent over the past 18 months, resulting in the creation of many new, high-paying jobs in our manufacturing and engineering divisions. After returning home from college, the millennials we’re hiring want to come back to Long Island, but they don’t want to live with their parents or own a home. What they’re looking for is exactly what Greybarn is offering—high-quality rental housing in close proximity to work, the beach and an energetic downtown.”

Teresa Ferraro - President, East/West Industries, Inc.