Background on the Island Hills Plan

Golf clubs are increasingly unsustainable properties both on Long Island and throughout the country. The Island Hills Golf Club was no different, with financial difficulties ultimately forcing it to close at the end of 2015. With its future uncertain and a golf club untenable at the location, Long Islanders Gregg and Mitchell Rechler saw an opportunity to develop something that fit the character of the Sayville community while providing a key need for Long Island: high-quality rental housing.

With a portfolio of more than 6.5 million square feet of commercial and industrial space on Long Island—with more than 1.5 million square feet within the Town of Islip—hundreds of companies and thousands of residents work each day at a Rechler-owned building.

When Rechler Equity Partners evolved back to the private sector, Gregg and Mitchell found that a pressing concern for business owners was a lack of quality rental communities that could help retain the talented workforce required by the companies occupying Long Island’s 175 million square feet of industrial and office space.

People move to Long Island because they love what it represents: open space, parks, beaches, universities and endless opportunities. But the lack of housing options for Long Island’s growing workforce is causing the people who will drive the economy forward to leave for opportunities elsewhere.

Gregg and Mitchell spent years researching Long Island’s rental housing market and seeking out strategic locations: close proximity to business corridors with quick access to highways and other vital components of infrastructure. Their research led to Greybarn, a concept for luxury rental communities unique to Long Island, built specifically for Long Islanders by Long Islanders.

Community-Based Planning

The Rechlers met with and had numerous conversations with members of the Sayville community. Through large meetings and smaller gatherings, they heard the concerns—maintaining the community aesthetic, preserving the residential character of Sayville, keeping property taxes down and limiting traffic.

Since the purchase, the Rechlers have consistently sought public input to both improve the current aesthetic and inspire the future of the property. Envisioning a future community hub, filled primarily with public green space, the former Island Hills Golf Club presents a unique opportunity for Sayville. Rather than building a cookie-cutter residential development, the Rechler’s have proposed a design specific to the community, taking into account community input.

A New Approach

Greybarn aims to serve as a community, not a commodity. Gregg and Mitchell Rechler, building off of the philosophy used by their fathers and grandfather, who respectively revolutionized commercial office space in the 70’s and industrial space in the 50’s by incorporating unprecedented amenities into a campus-style setting, are redefining the residential rental landscape with a focused investment for Long Island. A generational link to fulfill the need for quality rental housing, Greybarn provides something all Long Islanders can identify with in a community that redefines the market.

Greybarn is the result of designers rewriting the suburban Long Island rule book, instead focusing on the ideals, culture and history of each community.

Site Plan

  • 25 acres of neighborhood recreational open space including 2 miles of walking paths and pocket parks
  • 70% green space within the development
  • design vision consistent with south shore architectural heritage
  • lush landscaped buffers to enhance visual impact
  • limited vehicular access
  • use of cutting-edge green technology
  • state of the art wastewater treatment resulting in reduced nitrogen in groundwater
  • stormwater managed on site
  • increase to local tax base
  • positive improvements to distressed property

Proposed plan for Greybarn Sayville on the former Island Hills Golf Course.