Proposed Island Hills Rendering

Update on the Island Hills Plan

The former Island Hills Golf Club is a shuttered and vacant property. However, through careful and smart planning, we believe it could represent an invaluable asset to the Sayville community and surrounding area. It’s important to remember that the concept for this property is in the preliminary stages of a lengthy planning and review process. As part of this process, we have held numerous meetings and presentations with local residents, including small group meetings, and continue our contact with the community.

The NYS Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) is the guide for review of this application. The process requires a comprehensive document that addresses concerns expressed by the Town of Islip and its residents; this includes responses to comments from the community made at the SEQRA scoping session conducted by the Islip Planning Board on March 21, 2018. There will be an opportunity for public review and comment on this document, which will be scheduled by the Town of Islip, as the Lead Agency in this process.

Greybarn Clubhouse

What's the Purpose of this Website?

On March 8, 2017 an application for a change of zone was filed with the Town of Islip for Island Hills.

In short, this website is dedicated to providing transparent and accurate information to the Sayville community.

This website serves as an outlet for us to provide you with up-to-date information about the plans for the Island Hills property and our discussions with the community and its leaders. All relevant planning documents will also become available on this website.